Majestic Café

Café Majestic – Rua Santa Catarina

On the 17th of December 1921, designed by the architect João Queiroz, opened a luxurious coffee shop with the name of Elite, located in Santa Catarina street, the most central place of the city. More than just a coffee, Majestic tells the story of Porto. The Porto of the 1920s, the political gatherings and the debate of ideas. The Porto of the “Bélle Époque”, of writers and artists. Situated on Santa Catarina street, a pedestrian avenue of commerce and a walk through the society of the time and now, it illuminated the walk with its Art Nouveau decoration.

The café had honours and distinctions and received a distinguished visit, the pilot aviator, and later admiral, Gago Coutinho (who is always accompanied by beautiful women), just arrived from another risky day on the island of Madeira. So pleasantly surprised by the splendour of the new establishment, he returned several times to contemplate the beauty of all the details that made it up, one of which was in the company of the famous actress Beatriz Costa.

In the 1960s, coinciding with the forced fall asleep of the country’s cultural manifestations, Café Majestic itself began to fall asleep. It is a slow but continuous decline.

In 1992, 71 years after the inauguration, it was decided to give it back the just vanity of being one of the most beautiful cafés in Porto. On July 15, 1994, he opened his doors again, and it took two years to polish him up. Those who enter now find exhibitions, events and even a certain mediatism – sometimes it’s a television stage.

Nowadays, he is also associated with the writer J.K. Rowlins, since, when he lived here in the 90s, he frequented it assiduously.