Liberty square

Praça da Liberdade (antiga Praça Nova)

In the site of the then called ‘Campo das Hortas’, was in the eighteenth century opened the New Square (Praça Nova), political and cultural center of the city. On the north side of the old square was the City Hall (Paços do Concelho) building, demolished when Aliados avenue was opened.

In the most striking episodes of the history of this square are the death in the gallows of the liberals, in 1829, and it was also in this space that the Republic was programmed, for the first time, in the country, on January 31, 1891.

Statue of the king D. Pedro IV

In 1866 the monument to the liberal king, D. Pedro IV, was inaugurated. When, in 1916, the Porto City Hall decided to build its building on top of Aliados avenue, many old buildings disappeared and were replaced by the buildings that now surround the square and the avenue. What still resists all the changes is the Palácio das Cardosas (Intercontinental hotel).

Aliados avenue
Cardosas Palace (Intercontinental Hotel)