Flores street

Rua das Flores (antiga rua Santa Catarina das Flores)

Flores street was inaugurated at the beginning of the XVI century (1521-1525), at the end of the reign of King Manuel I.

Rua das Flores (close to praça Almeida Garrett)

Initially one of the most active and main commercial arteries of the city.
The construction of the new street coincided, on the one hand, with the end of the ancestral privilege of prohibiting the nobles from staying in the city and, on the other hand, with the growing affirmation of a mercantile bourgeoisie, cultivator of the taste for great palaces and for environments full of luxury. Rua das Flores will be a beautiful example of these two trends.

It is a charming street where you can find jewellers and goldsmiths busy in their trade. Balconies with wrought iron balconies lurk above the street’s movement. Some of the buildings worth visiting are Casa dos Maias at number 29 and Casa dos Sousa e Silva between numbers 79 and 83. Rua das Flores is an excellent way to get from Ribeira to Baixa.

The church of Misericórdia (1749-1750) has one of the most emblematic façades of Portuguese baroque, whose authorship is attributed to the architect of Porto, the Italian Nicolau Nasoni.

Today, completely renovated, it is one of the most popular pedestrian streets in the historic centre of Porto.