Preparing for the Future in a Post COVID-19 World

The coronavirus crisis is having massive impacts on the tourism industry—many of which will reshape the industry’s future landscape.

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re all in good health first.

As you know, the tourism industry has stopped completely, particularly here in the city of Oporto. The city is located in the north of the country, a region of Portugal most affected by Coronavirus. This way, and from today, the state of emergency was raised, being at this moment in a state of calamity.

With the calamity situation, there will be a “civic duty of domestic confinement” for the population in general, regardless of age or a person presenting risk factors, instead of the “general duty of confinement” and the “special duty of protection” for certain groups, as happened in the state of emergency.

Among the measures are the prohibition of events or gatherings with more than 10 people, the presence of family members at funerals, continued teleworking, public transportation with disinfectant gel dispensers and with a maximum capacity of 66%, attendance by appointment in public services and opening of local commerce, such as hairdressers, manicures, bookstores and car trade. Also today libraries will reopen and there will be the possibility of individual outdoor sports.

The transition plan will have differentiated measures for each phase, namely May 4, May 18, May 31 and June 1.

So, from this moment, we believe that this summer, next June, we will restart our activity.

We’ll be in touch, with more news!

I want to leave a message of enormous gratitude to all my clients and partnerships. I hope to see you soon 🙂

Ricardo Almeida, your local guide